Robbing God? & The Promises of God!

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Robbing God?


The World have some sincere money problems these days. Many are in deep debt and deep doubt as to whether thy will be able to keep their jobs. Of course when things get like that many start looking for ways to hold on to more money. They say to themselves "...where can I cut back ...Certainly not on my rent or mortgage, car note, gas & electric bill........... Ohhhh I know... I don't think that the church needs this much money".

Friends you have just read a common mistake. The mistake is reasoning with the Devil. Adam (through Eve) did it, lost a garden, and brought death down on all of us! Do not let Satan even talk to you about you giving to God. God is the source of everything for you - will you try to hold on that which is His anyway?

Malachi 3:10 makes it clear that tithes is God's way of financing the operations of his house (the church). Malachi 3:8 points out that withholding the tithe from God is robbery. God penalizes robbery of him by allowing a cure on the robber. Moreover, when enough people are robbing God, He will also allow a curse to the nation (Malachi 3:9). Could this be why this World has so many problems related to money?

What are the Christians doing? You say what do the Christians have to do with money problems? "If my people who are called by my name would ... turn from their wicked ways then I would hear from heaven ... and heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14). Trying to save a few dollars? You should keep your hands out of God's tithes!

The tithe is 10% of your income - whether your income is fixed or not. To figure how much your tithes is multiply, .10 times the money you earned or were given. For instance if your take - home pay is $438.10, multiply that times.10 and give God a tithe of $48.81.

You also owe God tithe on the interest you earn from the bank or other sources. Read Malachi again. God is faithful to you when you tithe. He knows that you go into a 10% deficit when you tithe; but then He comes in from all directions to magnify the remaining 90%! True tithers will tell you about getting better health (fewer doctor bills), more and better bargains (fewer store bills), and more reliable transportation (fewer maintenance bills), to name a few things.



The Promises of God

St. Matthew 7:7 - 12



Thou hast invited me "to ask, to seek, to knock: Assuring me that if I ask, it shall be given unto me; If I seek, I shall find; if I knock; it shall be opened unto me. Help me believe that, O God. Give me the faith to ask knowing that I shall receive. Give me the faith to seek, believing that I surely find. Give me the Faith it shall indeed be opened unto me. Help me live the Christian life in daring faith and humble trust that there may be worked out in me, even in me, thy righteousness and goodness. Forgive me Lord, as I make this prayer. Amen