Your Mind & Evening Prayer!

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Your Mind

Ever stop to consider what a privilege it is to have your right mind? It is a gift from God, you know 2 Timothy 1:7 says that God has given us power, love and a sound mind. Don't take soundness of the mind for granted. Don't suppose that everyone around you has it either! The vary bizarre things that you are seeing on television, on the public roads, on your job, and maybe even in some churches and homes, DO NOT reflect the sound mind spoken of by Paul in Timothy.

Again, the sound mind is a gift from God. It is not produced by colleges and universities! Were it possible for college and universities to produce sound minds, crazy people would have been cured ages ago. Education can only work with the gift of God. It is not a substitute for the gift of God. Some take the gift of God (sound mind) for granted. They foolishly use the gift in a manner that brings shame rather than honor to the Most High God. Regrettably, even some who know the word of God make that awful mistake (and continue in it). They forget that God has remedies for all ills! Romans 1:28 says that at some point God will turn one over to a reprobate mind.

One dictionary defines "reprobate" as an unprincipled or immoral person. Talk about a fall from grace! Imagine sliding from a sound mind to an immoral mind... But never mind the dictionary; continue reading in Roman 1 verses 29 to 32. Jesus told us to know a person by their fruits. Look at the fruits of the reprobate! It is important to point out these passages in Romans because God would not have you to be ignorant.

You are told to walk circumspectly (Ephesians 5:15). The word circumspect comes from two words: "spect" (to look); and "circum" (around). Look around you do the fruit of that individual who troubles you match the list of reprobate acts spelled out in Romans? If so, does that tell you more about whom you're dealing with? He / She would not obey God will he / she treat you any better than God?

Soundness of the mind is a gift from God. God will however, hold you personally responsible for how it is used. Flirt with sin long enough and God will turn over (or release you) to a mind of sin (reprobate mind).

How will you use your gift today?

"An Evening Prayer"

Lord Jesus, I come to thee for an evening blessing to seal within our hearts the inspirations and memories of this day. I ask thee for the blessing of quietness for every troubled heart, rest for every weary soul, new faith and courage for all who have faced exhausting tasks this day. I will rest now in thee and find in this evening hour thy stillness and thy peace to bring me into quiet harmony with thy will.