Oil of Healing

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James 5:13-15

(Use Extra Virgin Olive oil)


(To make Holy)

Anointing oil should be consecrated before it is used to anoint the sick. A good grade of pure olive oil should be secured; and those Christian brothers or sisters laboring for the cause of Jesus Christ, standing in His stead, doing His work on earth should consecrate it and set it apart for its Holy purposes. This may be done in privacy.

  • 1. Hold the open container of oil.
  • 2. Address our Heavenly Father as in prayer.
  • 3. State authority (The Lord Jesus Christ) by which oil is consecrated.
  • 4. Consecrate the oil (not the oil container) and set it apart for the blessing and anointing of the sick and afflicted.
  • 5. Close in the name of Jesus Christ.


A simple prayer for the purpose of consecrating might go something like this: "Our Heavenly Father, by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I consecrate, dedicate and set apart this oil for the blessing and anointing of the sick and afflicted, and I do it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen." Once the oil is consecrated, it is permanent and not necessary to do again.


This can be done in two parts by one or two Christian brothers/sisters visiting the sick person. The decision should be made in advance before visitation of what each will do so that the anointing/blessing will go smoothly.

  • 1. ANOINTING WITH OIL. The anointing is done by one of the brothers or sisters. Sick person may lie or sit.
  • A. Anoint head of sick person, using small amount (few drops) on the crown. It is not necessary to anoint the afflicted part.
  • B. Call person by name- Brother Howard/Sister Marian Johnson.
  • C. State authority (The Lord Jesus Christ) by which the action is performed.
  • D. State that you are anointing with consecrated oil.
  • E. State that you are acting in the vary name of Jesus Christ.
  • F. Example: (While pouring the oil) Sister Marian Johnson, by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I anoint you with oil that has been consecrated, dedicated and set apart for the blessing and anointing of the sick and afflicted, and I do this in the sacred name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • G. SEALING THE ANOINTING. At this time, immediately following the anointing, the Christian brother or sister (or both) lay their hands on the head of the sick person. One of them acts as voice.
  • A. With eyes close in prayer, call sick person by name.
  • B. State authority (The Lord Jesus Christ) by which the action is performed.
  • C. Seal and confirm the anointing which has already taken place.
  • D. Pronounce a blessing (prayer of faith) as the Holy Spirit dictates.
  • E. Close in the name of Jesus Christ.

(Note to the administering brother/sister), Let the prayer be suited to the case. It stands to reason prior to visitation the circumstances be pondered. You may even fast so that there will be even greater spirituality - a clear channel between you and the Lord, as YOU are the instrument by which He is working through. The leading of a spiritual, exemplary life may be extremely helpful to you in standing in the Lord's stead.

Example: Commencing with "Sister Marian Johnson, by authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I/we lay my/our hands upon your head, seal and confirm the anointing and hereby pronounce a blessing that ... " (the blessing/prayer of faith will now be dictated through you by the Holy Spirit. Pray this prayer vocally in behalf of the sick person by inspiration and prodding from the Holy Spirit. It may be short or long, depending on what the Spirit has to say. Try to instill faith in the sick person that by his/her faith in the Lord, that healing CAN and WILL happen). Prayer over the sick must proceed from and be accompanied with a lively faith. There must be faith in the person praying and in the person prayed for. When the prayer is complete, close in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.